5. Compiling a report

In the main view of the report you can see the general data of your company, means of communications registered in the register and its list of shareholders. In addition you can also view the options for submitting reports.

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To go back to the list of reports click on “Back to the list of reports”.

Reporting guidelines:

  1. Changing general data of the report
  2. Filling in reporting forms
  3. Selection of reporting forms
  4. Main reports
  5. Notes
  6. General view, generating PDF and check-up
  7. Loading a report in the XBRL file format
  8. Loading the PDF report or filling forms
  9. Adding, changing and deleting means of communication
  10. Adding, changing and deleting shareholders
  11. Breakdown of sales revenue (companies)
  12. Entering the main activity (Non-profit association/foundation)
  13. Moving to Stage: “Reviewing a report”