Contract Conclusion

The contract can be concluded on behalf of both an individual and a legal entity. To enter into an agreement as a representative of an Estonian individual or legal entity, first log in to the e-Business Register Portal.

To enter into an agreement, select "Queries" -> "Conclusion of the contract and information" from the top menu. From this page you can get acquainted with the possibilities of a contractual customer and start concluding a contract by clicking the "Start creating a contract" button.

If you are logged in and associated with a legal person, you can select the legal person on whose behalf to sign the agreement in the following view. Or choose to sign the contract on behalf of another legal entity or individual.


You can then choose which services you want to subscribe to. It is possible to choose whether you want to subscribe to the e-Business Register; the right to use the services of the e-Land Register and the European Business Register or the right to use only the XML service of the requisites.

The services of the Business register and the Land register can be ordered free of charge only by persons who have a legal basis for this.


After making the selections, the details and contacts of the contract partner must be entered.

NB! Currently, only a person with an Estonian personal identification code can be added as an administrator user.


If the contract is signed by an authorized person or a representative of a foreign legal entity, also upload a power of attorney or other document certifying the right of representation.

In the following view, you can review the details of the agreement and confirm your acceptance of the general terms and conditions.

You can then choose whether to digitally sign the contract application on the portal,

If the possibility of digital signing is not available, you can select "Download the application on paper" and download, print, sign and send the agreement in PDF format to RIK by regular mail to Lubja 4, Tallinn 19081, Estonia.


After digital signing, you can still review the data. If the contract application of an Estonian legal entity has to be signed by several persons (eg in case of differences in the right of representation), another board member can also log in to the portal, select "Querise" -> "Conclusion of the Contract and Information" and click on "Start creating a contract"  to find a contract application to be signed in the list that can be opened and signed.

Once all the required signatures have been provided, you can apply for a contract. RIK will review the application within 4 working days and forward the information once the contract has been approved.

Information about the username and password will be sent to the administrator user by e-mail.

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