Using ID-card

Instructions for using the ID card (digi-ID) in the e-Business Register Portal

In order to successfully enter the portal and sign the annual report with an ID card/digi-ID, you need the following:

  • A valid ID card with its chip in good working order and which has active and valid certificates;

    You can check the validity of the ID card certificates and renew the certificates if necessary in the ID card administration tool (open Start Menu - All Programs - ID Card - ID Card Administration Tool).
  • PINs

    In the event that you have forgotten or lost your PINs, you can receive a new PIN envelope in Swedbank or SEB Pank bank branches (paid service) or from a service office of the Citizenship and Migration Bureau (free of charge);
  • Newest ID card basic software.
    You can always download the newest version at the address

  • Use of a card reader supported by the ID software. A list of the supported card readers can be accessed here.

In the event that you fail to enter the portal, check whether the ID card administration tool is able to read the data of the ID card/digi-ID in the card reader.

NB! ID cards issued after 01.01.2011 have the contact chip on the reverse side of the card. Make sure you insert the card in the reader the right way up.

If reading data in the ID card administration tool is successful, try to load the photograph. For this purpose, click the white box named ‘Load picture’ on the right. As you do this, your PIN1 will be asked. If loading the picture is successful, any errors encountered when using the ID card should generally be caused by the configuration of the web browser.

Possible errors when entering the portal and signing annual reports and the solutions thereto: