Purchase invoices

In order to edit purchase invoices, select Billing -> Purchase invoices from the program menu.

Purchase Invoices sub-module has two tabs: Purchase Invoices and Incoming e-Invoices.

Purchase Invoices tab enables entering all invoices for purchase transactions that need to be recorded. It is possible to enter purchase invoices, cash invoices, purchase invoices with reporting persons and credit invoices for purchase invoices on the Purchase Invoices tab.

Purchase invoices can be sorted and filtered.

It is possible to filter according to the start/end date, status, supplier and view. View displays whether an invoice is paid, unpaid, partly paid, as well as all invoices. Once you have selected parameters for the filter, you need to click the ‘View’ button in order to display the results; if you want to clear the filter, you need to click on the ‘Clear filter’ button. For filtering, you can enter search dates on the start and end date fields. If you enter only the start date, then the program will search for entries starting from the entered date and later; if you enter the end date, the program will find all entries before that date. If you enter both the start and the end date, the program will find all entries within that period.

It is possible to sort according to name, date, due date, supplier, amount, paid and unpaid amounts and status. Purchase invoices list can be displayed in the program, or saved and opened in PDF or Excel.