5.6 General view, generating PDF and check-up

You can select and view the general view of completed reporting forms by clicking on “General view”.

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You can generate a PDF file of the entered data by clicking on “Generate PDF”. After clicking on “Generate PDF”, a reference to the generated PDF file will be shown at the bottom of the list of forms.

You can check the compliance of the data in the forms with the rules by clicking on “Please check correspondence to the rules”.

The control rules in the system are different. In most cases of non-compliance with the control rules, these error messages are displayed and it is not possible to proceed to the next stage until the errors have been corrected.
In addition, some control rules are so-called dissuasive. For example, the system checks the adequacy of share capital / net assets and compliance with legal requirements, and displays error messages in the event of a conflict, but such an error message will not block from proceeding to the next steps.

After completing notes and main reports, you can go back to the main report view by clicking on “Back to the main view of the report”.