5.8 Loading the PDF report or filling forms

PDF file can be uploaded by branches, IFRS users, entities that submit consolidated report and credit institutions The forms that the said entities have to fill might vary and therefore they can compile the report in their own computer; sign its printed version and submit it through the portal in PDF format.


IFRS users, entities that submit consolidated report and credit institutions have to make a choice whether they fill in the forms following accounting principles generally accepted in Estonia or load the PDF file


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As of 2012, liquidation and final report submitters and balance report submitters cannot download the PDF report. Balance sheet submitters can transfer the data submitted to the balance sheet information system to the e-Business Register portal.


In order to add a PDF report, click on “Loading the PDF report” in the main view of the report. 


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Next you can add the file of the annual report. To find the report in your computer, use the “Browse” button.


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The file you want to add must be in PDF format and cannot be larger than 10 MB. In case the portal reports that the file is larger than allowed, try to set your scanner so it does not save pictures with very high resolution.


After uploading the report, you have to define the file type and auditing status. 


If the report has been scanned and already contains paper signatures, select the left or middle option. If you are uploading a report that is not scanned or does not contain signatures, you must select the option on the right, and then the report must be digitally signed in the environment.


If the report has an audit obligation, the uploaded file may also contain the auditor's report, but the report can also be directed to an audit in a reporting environment. Non-profit organizations may scan and submit the decision of the revision committee together with the report.


To save your data, click on “Save” and you will be directed to the main view of compiling a report. If you choose not to save the data, click on “Back to the main view of the report”.