7.1 Digital signing

The digital signing option can be selected if all persons with the right of representation who have to sign the report have an ID card / mobile ID, a digital signing option and they are entered in the register data with a personal identification code.In case of digital signing of the report, all signing members of the management board must digitally sign the report with an ID card or mobile ID on the website.

It is currently not possible to sign the report with Smart-ID.

Before signing the report, the date of completion of the report must be indicated and recorded in the appropriate box.

The report can then be signed. To digitally sign the report, the board member must click on "Add a digital signature to report".


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After that a form will open, where you can enter the status of the signatory (e.g. a member of the management board). You can add optional comments in the resolution window.

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In order to proceed, click on “Sign the report” and then “Sign digitally”. To give your digital signature you must enter your PIN2.

After signing you can view the signed document by clicking on “View the signed document”. If you want to make changes in the report data, you have to cancel all signatures first and then go back to Stage 1.

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When all required signatures have been added, the system will generate the sheet of signatures to the report. In case of a report that needs to be audited, you can proceed by clicking on “Send the report for auditing”. If an auditor’s report is not required, the environment will offer you the option to send the report to a voluntary audit.

You can then proceed to the next stage, where additional parts can be added to the report and companies can complete the profit distribution / loss coverage proposal and decision.

The system verifies that the report is accompanied by the signature of at least one authorized person.

It is also possible to sign the report, for example, with an e-resident card, if the member of the management board is entered in the register with the e-resident's personal identification code.