Quick search

Allows to search by name, registry code, or VAT number. You do not have log in or to be a contractual customer to perform a quick search.

The search is not case sensitive. If you enter at least 3 letters in the search field, the system will suggest a selection of legal entities that meet the criteria.




If one legal person matches the search, the user is immediately taken to the general data view of that legal person after the search.

If more results match the search, a list of results is displayed first, from which you can select the legal person whose data you want to view by clicking on the name of the legal person.



In the general view of a legal person, it is possible to access data that is free of charge and also to purchase paid register data (incl. General, personal and commercial pledge data; annual reports, articles of association and file documents, etc.)

If you know the registry code of a legal entity, you can also use the direct link to add the desired registry code, eg: https://ariregister.rik.ee/eng/company/70000310/