Entering to the e-Business Register

To enter the system you will have to identify yourself. There are following ways of doing so:



  • with Estonian ID card.  Make sure that your ID card is in the ID card reader and select “ID card” button. Enter you PIN 1 (personal authentication) code and OK or Enter.

    If you have problems entering the portal with an Estonian ID card, try closing the browser and opening the ID card utility in your computer under “Programmes”. If you cannot find the ID card utility or digidoc programme under “Programmes”, you need to install the installation software from https://installer.id.ee/. After installation is complete, restart the computer. Also, it is not possible to enter the portal if the certificates of your card are not valid. These you can check on the certification centre website or with the ID card utility.

    Entering with your ID card, you can see the undertakings related to the user, sign petitions for entry, submit annual reports and amend telecommunications.
  • with Estonian Mobile ID. Enter the number of the mobile phone and personal code and then press “Mobile ID” button.  You will receive a control code on your mobile and you have to enter PIN1 of the Mobile ID.

    The advantage of Mobile ID is that you do not need to install a separate card reader; you can enter e-services from any computer. The mobile phone functions as a card and card reader at the same time.

    Entering with your Mobile ID, you can see the undertakings related to the user, sign petitions for entry, submit annual reports etc.
  • With an Estonian Smart-ID, it is possible to log in and sign applications and annual accounts etc



NB! You can also enter to view the data:


  • with European eID It is possible to log in with the various EU eID authentication tools offered, statements and reports can only be signed by logging in with an Estonian ID card or Estonian mobile ID
  • e-Business Register credentials. Only contractual clients of e-Business Register can sign in with their username and password. It is not possible to view legal persons related to you or prepare/sign applications and reports and e-Financials cannot be used.



In case of problems logging in the portal :

If the portal page does not open (for example, an error message is displayed), try refreshing the page ("refresh" or the F5 key on the keyboard). If that doesn't work, close all browser windows. Then try to open the portal page again.

If refreshing the page or closing the browser windows doesn't help, you should clear your browser's cache.

To clear the cache:

If you're using Mozilla Firefox:

select "History" -> "Delete Recent History" from the menu bar.

If you're using Google Chrome, press the three-striped button in the top right corner

press the three-striped button in the upper right corner -> select "History"
Click the "Clear all browsing data" button
In the window that opens, click the "Clear" button.
After clearing the browser cache, close all browser windows and try to access the portal again.

If you continue to have problems, we recommend that you try to restart your computer as well.