Beneficial owners

The data of the beneficial owners can be viewed by everyone on the e-Business Register portal.

It is possible to search whether a natural person has been designated as the beneficial owner of a legal person. To do this, select "Queries" and "Beneficial owners" in the portal top menu.

Next, enter the details of the person being searched. As a result, the number of legal persons will be displayed where the searched person is named as a beneficial owner you can also view a list of these legal persons.



You can see the information of the legal persons that have added you as their beneficial owner by logging in to the e-business register and selecting "My Dashboard" from the top menu. In addition to legal persons related to you, this page lists all the legal persons who have submitted your information as a Beneficial Owner.

You can view data of Beneficial owners for all registered legal persons by using the quick or detailed legal person search from the main menu item "Queries" and moving from there to the legal person's data view.

The data is displayed on the data view page of the legal person under "View official registry data".

The data Beneficial owners includes:

  • the name of the beneficial owner;
  • the personal identification code of the beneficial owner and the country of the personal identification code;
  • date and place of birth of the beneficial owner (in the absence of a personal identification code);
  • the place of residence of the beneficial owner;
  • the manner in which the verification of the identity of the beneficial owner is carried out.



To view historical data, the corresponding button must be turned on (under the Beneficial owners heading)

The contractual customer can also request data via the XML service (API). A description of the XML service can be found in the Open data portal.

If the company has not provided data on the actual beneficiaries, the relevant information will be displayed with the dataset name.
This information is also displayed if it is known that the association does not have the obligation to provide data (apartment association, building association, listed company, certain foundations)



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