Information added to the personnel management section can be sorted based on names, personal identity codes / dates of birth, occupations, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Search is possible based on names and personal identity codes.

Display only those who are deleted – you can restore deleted persons; for this, you must check ‘Display only those who are deleted’ and then click on ‘Find’. When clicking on a name, a window with information about the person opens, which has the button ‘Restore person’ – when clicking on it, the person is added back to the active employees list.

Under persons, you can add both the employees of the company, as well as other persons to whom compensation must be paid.

A new person can be added by selecting Personnel > Persons > Add a new person.

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A window opens that contains:

•      First name – first name of a person

•      Family name – surname of a person

•      ID code and country

•      Date of birth – when Estonian ID code is added, this field is filled in automatically.

•      Phone

•      E-mail

•      Address

•      Bank

•      Bank account number – this information is necessary so that a new payment order would be added to the payment orders automatically.

•      Other information

•      Account for income tax free minimum – here you can mark whether an employee has submitted an application for their income tax free minimum be calculated in the company.

•      Incl. Cumulative calculation – this can only be calculated if the income tax free minimum was not used during a certain month. In this case, it is possible to subtract the unused amount from the next month’s compensation. It is important to note that the cumulative calculation of income tax free minimum is only possible for a year; the untapped amount cannot be transferred to the next year.

•      Do not account for social tax minimum amount – according to law, the minimum amount of social tax does not have to be paid in certain instances.

•      Payday – informative cell.

•      Holiday pay compensation – informative cell. You must select whether the holiday pay is paid on the day before the last day at work before the holiday, or with the next salary.

•      Has subscribed to a funded pension – it is possible to check whether a person has subscribed to a funded pension by clicking on the ‘Check if registered’ link next to it. If the added person was born on 1983 or later, the portal fills out the field about subscription automatically. Rate of funded pension must be selected from a drop-down menu.

•      The funded pension payments have been paid since …

•      The person receives a pension – you must indicate whether the person is receiving a pension and the date after which unemployment insurance premiums are no longer withheld.

•      Ability to use a car

•      Other notes – here you can add additional information about the employee. Information that is added here is displayed in the personal data view in the section ‘Other notes’, as well as the compensations data window in the ‘Person’s information from personnel management’ column on the right.

After the information is saved, person is added to the personnel management list. After saving, a window with personal information opens; its upper part displays personal information that was added, and the bottom part displays other relevant information, contract information and additional sums withheld.

A new contract can be added from the main menu Personnel > Persons > click on person’s name > Add a new contract.

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A window opens that contains:

•      Occupation – the position that the person is going to fill.

•      The start of the contract – mandatory field.

•      Contract end.

•      Workload % – required for an employment contract because this is indicated in TSD.

•      Suspension period start.

•      Suspension period end.

•      Payment type.

•      Sum (gross).


Information about the types of contractual payments is also added automatically when preparing a compensation entry.


Several contracts can be added for the same person. All added contracts can be changed and deleted. Once the contract has expired, the date of the period turns red.

Payment types can be managed in Settings > Compensation types > Modify. If a compensation type has been deactivated in the settings, then that type cannot be selected from a drop-down menu.


Under person’s additional garnishments, you need to indicate the sums that are withheld from the salary by filling in the following fields:

•      Recipient – must be added as a separate person.

•      Sum (net).

•      Description – description of the garnishment.

Additional information about preparing contracts is available in the Employment Contracts Act:


Additional garnishments can be viewed when preparing a compensation entry; sums that are added here are subtracted from the net sum that is paid to the person.


E-Financials cannot be used for concluding an actual employment contract between an employer and an employee. All the necessary documents must be prepared outside the program.