Submission of discrepancy notice of beneficial owners

The obligated persons can submit information on the possible incorrectness of the beneficial owners to the register with the discrepancy notice in the e-Business Register Portal.

Discrepancy notices can be submitted by obligated persons who have the corresponding rights attached to the contractual partner of the e-Business Register. The administrator user of the contract partner can add the corresponding right to the desired users under "Administration" -> "User management".

If the contractual partner who is an obligated person does not have the rights of an obligated person, a digitally signed application must be submitted to RIK ( stating that the obligated person wishes to have access to the data of the beneficial owners. The application shall be accompanied by a clause in the relevant section of the law on the basis of which access to the data is requested.If the application is approved, the customer will have the opportunity to inspect the data of the beneficial owners and submit a discrepancy notices.

It is possible to submit a discrepancy notice only for the data of the beneficial owners of those legal entities that have submitted the data of the beneficial owners to the register.

To submit a discrepancy notice, the user must enter the portal via Estonian ID card, Smart-ID or mobile ID and select the contract partner on whose behalf the application is to be submitted.

To add a discrepancy notice, select "Administration" -> "Submit discrepancy notice" from the menu

On the page of  Discrepancy notices it is possible to view the notices previously prepared and submitted by you and to start compiling a new notice of discrepancy.

To create a discrepancy notice, select the "Search for a legal entity" tab and then search for a legal entity by name or registry code. Then select "Report beneficial owners discrepancies" in the "Actions" section

The following options must be made to complete the application:

  1. Enter your email address and click the "Send Confirmation" button. A confirmation email will then be sent to the email address entered by the user. Please log in to your e-mail inbox and click on the link in the confirmation email to verify your email address. It is not possible to submit the notice to the register before confirming the address. (Email address will be verified automatically if less than a year has passed since the last verification)
  2. The beneficial owner(s) for whom the accuracy of the data is in doubt must then be selected from the list. If there is a suspicion that a legal entity has an beneficial owner(s) missing, the option "Missing beneficial owner" must be selected. Then add a description of justification and click "Next"
  3. If desired, supporting documents can be added on the next page. And then click the "Next" button
  4. Next, the application must be digitally signed by clicking the "Sign" button
  5. To submit the notice, click the "Submit Application" button

The notice has been successfully submitted when the application has reached the "Submitted" stage and the title "Application has been submitted to the register" is displayed.

The submitted application and its status can be checked on the "Discrepancy notices" page.

If the application has been checked and approved by the registry department, information on possible inaccuracies of the data shall be displayed in the data view of the beneficial owners of the legal person and a corresponding notification shall be sent to the legal person who must check, supplement and confirm the data. After confirmation, information about inaccuracies in the data will be removed.