14. Creating tables in additional information cells

You can use wiki-like functionality to create a table in additional information cells.

To use the wiki functionality, you must first enter the first four characters of the WIKI in the text box.

Creating a table

To create a table, enter the following symbols (all text elements are illustrative):

|=Element name|=Element value|=Element value|
|element a|value1|value2|
|element b|value3|value4|

The width of the columns in the table cannot be changed. The columns in the table become wider according to the number of characters entered.


Align text

By default, all entered characters are left-aligned.

To align the content to the right, add ++ before the value you enter.



|=Element name|=++Elemendi value during the reporting period|=++Element value in the reference period|
|element a|++100|++200|
|element b|++300|++400|

To ensure consistency with the forms that are completed in the system, it is recommended that the figures be right-aligned and the textual data left-aligned.


Text formatting

//text// ->italics

 **text** -> bold text

* text -> •First bullet
* text -> •Second bullet
** text ->  •Subbullet

# text ->1. First point
## text ->2. Second point
### text -> 2.1 Subpoint

== text -> Big heading
=== text -> Middle heading
==== text-> Small heading

[[URL|text]] -> link name

 ---- -> add a horizontal line

text\\text -> add line break


NB! If you want to place text in different paragraphs or on different lines, you must use the corresponding functions, because when implementing wiki-like functionality, all input characters are always added to one line in a row by default.