Only a member of the Management Board can allocate authorizations. The Authorizations sub-module can be used for appointing an authorized user for a company.

Authorizations can be searched and sorted. Sorting is possible based on active authorizations, name, personal identity code, beginning and expiry of authorizations. Search is possible based on names and personal identity codes.

A new authorization can be added by selecting Settings > Authorizations > Add a new entry from the program menu.

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A window opens that contains:

•              Permission to modules – you can select one or several by checking the relevant boxes. All modules can also be selected if desired; for this, click on ‘Select all’.

•              Person – it is possible to select a person with a valid contract from a drop-down menu containing persons who have been entered into the program.

•              Name – required field. It is possible to enter the name of a person who has been added to the program; if you select a person, this is filled in automatically.

•              ID code and country – required fields.

•              Beginning of the authorization – required field.

•              Expiry of the authorization.


After making a selection, click on ‘Save’.


The date of expiry of authorization is not mandatory. If an authorized person can no longer access the company data in the program, a member of the Management Board should check the validity of the person’s authorization and extend it if necessary.