Frequently asked questions about open data

How can I view the business register data for free?

In the e-Busines Register Portal In the e-business register portal, public data of all legal entities registered in Estonia can be viewes in the same way as before, but it is free of charge from October 1st 2022. Anyone can view data in the portal to find information about companies, non-profit organizations, foundations, and state and local government institutions.

As a citizen, you do not need to log in to the e-business register to view the data. By logging in, contracted users can use a more detailed query to search for data, API (XML) services to integrate business register data with their IT solutions, and visualize the relationships of legal entities provided by the visualized business register tool. (More information about signing the contract) 

In addition, a website has been created for downloading the open data of the business register in machine-readable format (XML, JSON). The same environment also contains descriptions of business registry API (XML) services. The latter options are also free to use (the use of API services requires the conclusion of a contract)


Is all data available for free?

The service fee will only apply to documents in the public files of non-profit organizations, which may contain special types of personal data; as well as for data inherited from the European Business Register (EBR). Customers with a contract must pay the monthly fee only if the contract also allows the use of the e-property book.


How can e-business register data be integrated with your own IT solution?

It is possible to download data in machine-readable form:

  • On the e-business register open data files page, where you can download various e-business register data set files in machine-readable XML and JSON format (suitable, e.g. for initializing and updating the database), most of the files are updated once a day
  • Contractual users can use and integrate various API (XML) services with their IT solutions. More information about services.


How can data be downloaded in a machine-readable format?

We recommend using open data files to download large amounts of data. Terms of use must be accepted before downloading datasets.


What must be taken into account when using e-business register data?

In order to use the e-business register data, you must accept and follow all Terms of use



Why is the e-business register data available for free?

The purpose of abolishing fees is to increase transparency in the business sector, enable the reuse and cross-use of data and, based on this, encourage the development of new, data-based services. At the same time, it is important to point out that all data sets contain only public data of the business register, which has been possible to view in the past, but for a service fee.


Why is my data public in the e-business register?

The personal code of the board member has always been public information, which anyone can view if they wish.

If personal contact data - telephone number, e-mail address or home address - which are not meant to be displayed publicly, have been entered into the register as contacts of a legal entity, we recommend checking the data and making sure that the correct legal entity data has been entered in the register and, if necessary, submitting an application to the register to change the data.

Read more: information about public data and indexation: