Obtaining and displaying valid licenses and business announcements

Once the annual report has been prepared, signed and, if necessary, audited in the e-Business Register portal, it must be referred to the report submission stage.

When directing the submission stage of the annual report, a query is automatically started in all registers of special requirements interfaced with the portal to request valid activity licenses and economic activity notices of the company.

If the company does not have activity licenses or business activity notices in the registers of interfaced special requirements, then the corresponding information is not available in the report submission view. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that if the company has activity licenses or economic activity notices in a register of special requirements that has not yet been interfaced with the portal, the respective confirmations must be submitted outside the portal.

If the company has valid activity licenses or economic activity reports in the registers of special requirements, all the relevant data is displayed in the report submission view. If the data comes from several different registers, they are displayed by registers.

All permits and business notifications are preselected by default. If the user does not want to approve any activity, the check mark must be unchecked. When changing the options, be sure to save the data by clicking the "Save Options" button.

More detailed information on a specific activity license or economic activity notice can be read by clicking on the "View" link, which directs the user to the public viewing page of the respective register of special requirements.

NB! The data of all activity licenses and economic activity notices come from the registers of special requirements and if you have any questions about them, you must contact the authority managing the register.

If there are technical problems retrieving data from valid licenses and business notifications, an error message will be displayed to the user in the report view. The error message also lists the name of the special requirements register in which the error occurred. If an error occurs, the user can manually restart the query by clicking the "Try Reloading" button.