Changing the data of a member of the management board

In order to change the data of a member of the Management Board, the person entitled to represent the legal entity must log in to the e-business register portal with an Estonian, ID card, smart-ID or Mobile ID.
After logging in, proceed to the "My undertakings" view.
In the list of related legal entities, click on the name of the correct legal entity.

On the next page, click the "Edit data" button.

In the application view, you can go to the "Persons" section and then make the necessary changes, such as adding new people, removing old ones, and changing the details of existing board members (including extending dates of the term of office).

If you wish, you can make additional changes to other data as well.

Next, in the "Documents" section, the document on which the change is based (eg the Resolution of the Body) must be attached. Sample templates can be used to assist in compiling a document.

The application must then be signed. The application must be signed by all new members of the board. When removing the members of the management board, the old members of the management board do not have to sign. If no new members of the management board are added, the application must be signed by at least one existing member of the management board (if there are no specifications for the right of representation)

After signing, the system directs to the stage of payment of the state fee (unless only the dates of the term of office of the  management board members have been changed, this operation is free of state fees)

And finally, the application can be submitted to the register.