Instructions for the administrator user of contractual client

The e-business register portal can be accessed with an ID card, mobile ID, Smart-ID as well as a username and password:  
The land registry inquiry system can be accessed with an ID card or mobile ID and a username and password.

After authentication with an ID card, mobile ID or Smart-ID, you must select the contractual partner you want to enter as.

The primary username and password will be emailed to the administrator
The initial password must be changed after the first login.

A user with administrative user rights can add, delete, change, manage the rights granted to users and update passwords. In addition, it is possible to view the information of inquiries made by the contract partner and users and the fee calculation of the inquiries. You can find the statistics and cost of inquiries in the e-Business Register under the menu item "Administration" and the statistics and cost of Land register inquiries on the website of the e-Land register under the menu item "Administration".


User management:

It takes place in the e-Business Register under "Administration" -> "User management".

To add a new user, click the "Add User" button in this view

When adding a user, the user's data must be filled in: Name, desired username, personal identification code, e-mail address (information with a username and password will be sent to this e-mail)

If desired, the user can be granted rights for a limited period of time (eg in the case of a fixed-term contract).

When adding each user, please review the personal rights granted to the user to use the portal.

NB! In the user's profile, you can change the default data displayed to the user when viewing the data of a legal entity, simple data and valid registry card data are free of charge, and valid general data and valid general and personal data are subject to a fee.

In addition, you can allow or deny access to various paid data in the e-Business Register and allow or deny the use of the e-Land register, visualized commercial register, European Business Register service.

All data except the username can be changed and supplemented later.


NB! – When creating a user account, changing data, updating the password, etc., the changes take effect within approximately 10 minutes.


Through the user account, the user can use both the e-Business register and the e-Land register. (If services are not disabled)
Users cannot be deleted, please add expiration date to close the account or remove it to reopen it.

The username and password of all users will be automatically sent to the e-mail address specified as the user's data.

If the user has forgotten the password, he / she can order a password change by e-mail (to the e-mail address included in his / her data) based on the username. You will then need to enter the email address to which the new password will be sent.

You can also authorize the use of XML services (APIs) with a user account, but you can also create a separate account for a contract partner to perform XML queries.

More information:
e-Business Register XML services 
e-Land Register XML services 


Limits on the use of query systems

As an administrator user, you can also set the amount of monthly limits for using the services with the contractor's data, and specify the percentage by which an alert letter will be sent to the e-mail. When the limits are met, the corresponding information will also be sent by e-mail.



Administraatorkasutaja saab limiite ja hoituskirja protsenti igal ajal e-äriregistris muuta.



Please note that inquiries about the land register, European Business Register and the NGO file documents from commercial register are subject to a fee. 

You can find the rates of service fees for each service on the RIK website: e-business Register feese-Land Register fees and European Business Register fees.


Important to know:

Termination or suspension of the contract must be notified in writing 5 calendar days in advance.

If you have any questions, please contact the Client support of the Centre of Registers and Information Systems.