Marking a purchase invoice as paid

A purchase invoice can be marked as paid:

•      On the invoice – when activating ‘Mark as paid’, rows for account and payment date open. Account allows choosing between cash and reporting persons account. If you prefer the invoice to be marked as paid via a bank account, then this option needs to be activated in the settings first. Go to Settings > General settings > Program settings > Change > tick ‘Allow marking as paid by bank account’ and save. When marking this option, please consider that when account statements are imported to the e-Financials, all rows are also uploaded, and if an invoice is settled from a bank account and marked as paid on the purchase invoice, then this payment row must be deleted from the Outgoing Payments module.

•      When uploading a bank account statement – it is possible to upload an account statement in the Incoming/Outgoing Payments sub-module. If possible, the e-Financials reconciles a purchase invoice with an outgoing payment automatically; however, if a purchase invoice and payment are not automatically reconciled, the payment will remain in unreconciled status and must be reconciled manually. For this purpose, the unreconciled outgoing payment must be opened; select the respective purchase invoice or suitable expense account under transaction relations and save and confirm.

•      If account statement is not imported, outgoing payment must be added manually in the Incoming/Outgoing Payments module by clicking on the ‘Add Manually’ button. Required fields are filled in in the window that opens, and after clicking on the ‘Save’ button, another window opens where it is possible to select confirmed purchase invoices.