Salary calculation

Using Salary Calculation, you can prepare various payment documents.

Salaries can be filtered and sorted. It is possible to filter according to the compensation period, person, the type of compensation, payment period and gross sum. Once you have selected parameters for the filter, you need to click on the ‘View’ button to display the results; if you want to clear the filter, you need to click on the ‘Clear filter’ button.

Sorting is possible based on name, personal identity code / date of birth, period, calculation date, payment date, net sum and status.


A new compensation can be added in the program menu by selecting Personnel > Compensations > Add a new compensation.

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A window opens that contains:

•      The person with a valid contract – required field; you can select a person with a valid contract from the drop-down menu.

•      Year – required field; default setting is the present year.

•      Month – required field; default setting is the present month.

•      Recording date – required field.

•      Mark as paid – it can be used to indicate whether compensation has been paid. After marking as paid, the following options become available:

•              Payment date

•              Account

•      Additional information.

After the required fields are filled in, click on the ‘Save’ button.


Compensation calculation view– it is possible to change the basic information about a compensation, confirm a compensation and delete a compensation entry. Displayed below:

•      Information previously added about the person – period, name, whether the compensation is marked as paid. If bank account details have not been added for a person, then ‘Bank account missing’ message will be displayed by the person’s name, and when compensation is confirmed, an automatic bank payment order is not prepared.

•      Compensation payment rows – if necessary, new compensation rows can be added by clicking on ‘Add a compensation row’.

•      Garnishments – if necessary, new garnishments can be added by clicking on ‘Add a new wage garnishment’.

•      Taxes – if necessary, payments can be changed by clicking on ‘Show tax details’ and then on ‘Change’.

After adding the necessary details, compensation can be confirmed by clicking on ‘Confirm compensation’, at which point accounting entries are created in the system.

If ‘Mark as paid’ was not selected when adding a compensation, then a new entry is added to the Bank Payment Orders module when the compensation is confirmed.

After confirming a compensation, the entries for a compensation can be voided by clicking on ‘Void compensation entries’.

Confirmed compensation view displays:

•      Information previously added about a person – period, name, whether the compensation was made in cash, and the compensation document in PDF. Here, compensation document can be sent directly to an employee by entering the e-mail address of the employee.

•      Compensation rows.

•      Garnishments.

•      Taxes.

•      Payments.

•      Cost by profit centers – it is possible to add cost/profit centers to compensations by clicking on ‘Manage profit centers’.

•      Compensation entries.


Preparing a payment of social tax minimum obligation

If you need to prepare a payment of social tax minimum obligation, then after adding the compensation, you need to delete the compensation row. Then, the ‘Create an entry for social tax minimum obligation’ button appears. After clicking on it, another window opens that states the monthly rate of social tax; when you click on the ‘Confirm’ button at the bottom, you will create a payment of the social tax minimum obligation.