Application for return of capital (OÜ)

Commercial Code §520 41:

 (41) In expedited procedure, a monetary contribution is made upon foundation of a company as a deposit to the account of the registrar or the account specified in subsection 2 of § 27 of the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act. The business name, appendage and number specified in subsection 1 of this section shall be used while making the contribution. If the contribution is made as a deposit to the account of the registrar, the company shall apply no later than within one year following its entry in the register for the return of the contribution to its payment account with a credit institution or payment institution founded in a state which is a Contracting Party to the EEA Agreement or with a branch of such credit institution or payment institution opened in a state which is a Contracting Party to the EEA Agreement; in case of exceeding the term the contribution shall remain in the public revenues. The contribution shall be returned within five working days after submission of a conforming application.
[RT I, 20.12.2018, 1 – entry into force 01.01.2019]


If the first entry has been made in the registry and the application status is "Completed", then by clicking on the link of the company name in the line of the application, the link "Request for return of capital" will appear in the newly opened form. There is also a button "Request for return of share capital" next to the heading "Applications":

To complete the application, press "Enter application data"


The applicant's name, personal identification number, company name, registry code and the amount to be returned are pre-filled in the application. This data cannot be changed. The applicant fills in his address and phone, as well as the name and account number of the bank of the established private limited company, to which the share capital contribution will be returned. All these fields are required.
NB: Make sure that you enter the correct data in the application, the application can only be submitted once.


After saving, the user will be shown the entire text of the request, which has been prepared based on these data. The entered data must be carefully checked. If an error is noticed (in the field of address, telephone, bank name or account number), the entered data can be changed by pressing "Enter application data". If everything is in order, press the "Confirm request" button:

After confirmation, the data cannot be changed.

Then you will be asked to sign (you should enter PIN2 code)

If the request for capital return has been submitted, the submitted data can be seen by opening the "digidoc file" in the next window that opens from the "Capital return request" link.

The deposit will be returned to the indicated account within 5 working days after the correct application has been submitted.