9. Additional parts of the report; the proposal for profit distribution/loss coverage and the respective resolution

When members of the management board have signed the report digitally or on paper and the sworn auditor’s report has been added (if mandatory), then you can proceed to the stage of submitting the report.

You can add additional parts to the report in the stage of submitting the report, by clicking “Add additional part to report“. This is not mandatory. Additional part allows adding information that is not included in the report, but which you want to submit to the Register together with the report. You can add the information to the form or upload a previously prepared additional part as a PDF file.

Companies can also select and complete profit / loss proposal and decision forms at the submitting stage.

To select or change the forms, press "Choose forms" and mark and save your selections. Click "Enter indicators" to fill in the proposal and decision forms. Save the information you entered, then click “Back to report submission page”