Questions regarding Sole traders (FIE)

How should the FIE name appear in the petition for first entry?

  • The name of the Sole trader entered in the Commercial Register must include your first and last name and may include also other attributes (for example, the name of a store or other company).
  • A farmer may use in his or her company name instead of his or her first and last name or together with it the name of the farm. When using the name of the farm in the company name, you must make sure that a piece of land with this name has been entered in the land register and you must have the right to use it (as an owner, usufructuary or tenant). If you are a tenant, you must be able to prove to the court maintaining the Commercial Register your lease relation. If you are an owner or usufructuary, the court will check this in the land register. If you lose the right to use the registered immovable, you must delete yourself in relation to this company from the Commercial Register.

Which address must be provided in the petition for registering as a Sole trader?

  • You will be entered in the Commercial Register according to the location of your company, not your place of residence.
  • When filling in the address you must write the number of the flat and house, the name of the street or the farm, the name of the settlement, the local government unit and the county and postal code.

Can a Sole trader notify of suspending activities electronically?

  • You may notify the registrar of the Commercial Register of suspending your activities or of temporary or seasonal activities.
  • You may submit the petition electronically through the Company Registration Portal if the self-employed person has an Estonian ID card, Smart-ID or mobile-ID and a possibility to sign digitally.
  • The given data is transferred to your registry card. Notifying the registrar of the Commercial Register of such circumstances is in your own interests because in the period of suspending your activities you do not have the obligation to pay taxes in relation to the business, and during seasonal and temporary activities the obligation to pay taxes concern only the period of activity.
  • When notifying of the period of suspension of activity and submitting a corresponding petition, you must be a state fee of 10€.
  • After the period of suspending the activities, the FIE will automatically become active again. (To extend the period, a new application has to be submitted)

How can a Sole trader submit a petition for deletion from the register?

  • The petition for entry submitted to the registration department must be authenticated with signatures by a notary or submitted through the Company Registration Portal of the Commercial Register signed digitally.
  • When submitting the petition electronically, the Sole trader must start with the petition for deletion in the portal.
  • Read more from Deletion of FIE instructions
  • When submitting a petition for deletion, you do not need to pay a state fee, and the portal will not direct you to the stage of paying the state fee.