2) Error messages

In the note (e.g. financial lease note), the indicators of the self-created rows are not calculated together. What is the problem?

Unfortunately, the portal does not calculate the indicators of those entries that you have created yourself because the system does not know, when defining the rules, what kind of entry it is. We kindly ask you at present to calculate the sums of the rows you have entered yourself.

Questions that require accounting advice and concern established taxonomies e.g. which row reflects certain entries, problems in relation to an entry missing from the forms etc. Where to reflect written-off fixed assets and corresponding wear and tear in the annex to tangible assets

With questions concerning content, please turn to the Estonian Accounting Standards Board. There is a forum at www.easb.ee where you can add your question. The Centre of Registers and Information Systems, is unfortunately unable to give advice regarding which row or which entry a certain numeric indicator should be written in or for. We give advice on technical questions concerning the preparation and submission of the annual report. 

Why do the numbers of notes not appear automatically in the annual reports in the system?

Adding the number of annexes in the annual report does not take place automatically at present because within one element it is possible to refer to several annexes.

Error in the system: “Notes have not been filled in” and in the selection of forms an note is selected but does not appear in “Notes”

If you cannot see mandatory notes under “Notes” (e.g. “Related parties”), we recommend that you move on to the option of selecting the form of the annual report and click “Save”. Thereafter you can fill in the corresponding forms under the subsection “Notes”. Mandatory notes have been selected for you from the start but you have tried to cancel this selection. Saving again gives you the option to enter the notes.

In the notes, the content has been filled in (with 0s for example) but in the general overview there is only the title of the note and no content.

At present you have to enter the data twice, both at the end of the previous period and at the beginning of the next one (i.e. on the forms they are marked with the same date but are located in different places, e.g. 31.12.2008).