5.7 Loading a report in the XBRL file format

XBRL files can be loaded in the portal by incorporated entities, non-profit associations and foundations whose accounting period starts on 1 January 2009 or later. The precondition of XBRL file loading is that the file must have been created by the accounting software that the company uses. Instead of manually entering the data into the forms it is possible export them to the reporting environment from your accounting software. It means that an XBRL format file needs to be generated in the accounting software.

In order to add a report file in XBRL/XML format, click on “Loading XBRL” in the main view of the report.

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You will see the file loading form with the information on the person who loaded the previous report file, if there was a file added to the system. Before saving the file you have to make a choice about the period of the file. You can also download the data entered into the reporting forms to your computer, if you click on the “pull file” link at the current report file in XBRL format..

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By using “Browse...” button you can find the report file generated by the accounting system in your computer and then upload the data to the environment. After selecting the file and the file period, click on “Save”“.

Note! Loading of the report file will annul all data entered in the forms! It means that if you have previously selected a form and filled it in, the data will be deleted after loading the file

If you have added the file or you choose not to load it, click on “Back to the main view of the report”.

After saving the file you can select the forms of main reports and notes. After selecting the forms, you can view the completed reports and make changes or additions.