7) Other questions

Who needs to submit the report through the portal?

All companies, non-profit organisations and foundations whose financial year started on 01.01.2009 or later must submit the annual report electronically through the Company Registration Portal. You can find information about the electronic submission at http://www.rik.ee/en/company-registration-portal/annual-report and http://abiinfo.rik.ee/efilingguideofannualreports

Why can I not move on to “Reviewing a report”, the second stage of submitting the report?

You can move on to the stage where you can supplement the report after you have filled in all of the main reports, notes and means of communication, once the division of sales revenue is in order in the first stage and once the report has been checked.

Do I need to fill in the main reports and the notes in a given order?

No, this is not compulsory.

I cannot find anywhere in the report to enter the Management report.

The option to enter the Management report is in the second stage of the report – “Reviewing the report”. You can move on to the second stage after entering the main reports and the notes.

I cannot find anywhere to enter the decision about the distribution of profits/covering of loss.

The proposal for and the decision about the distribution of profits can be filled in after signing and before submitting the report to the register.