Changing data of legal person

  1. After entering the portal, select "My Dashboard" from the top menu bar and the legal person whose data you want to change from the list.

    If the legal entity is not displayed in the list, but you have the rights to change the data (for example, you have been elected as a new member of the board), click on the "Search for an entrepreneur" link in the "Search for a legal entity" section on the right, at the bottom of the page. You can then enter the institution's name or registry code and search.

    You must select the desired institution from among the search results by clicking on the name of the institution and confirm that you have the rights to change the data.

  2. Then click on the "Change data" button in the main view of the data of this legal entity. The change entry application form will open, where you can change the desired data. In the case of documents, the additional documents to be submitted with the application must be attached as a file. Supporting documents must be attached with digital signatures or, if you choose, the submission of paper documents, submitted after the application for entry in the ordinary procedure has been sent in the original form to the registry department.

    Please note that the attached documents are public and available free of charge in the e-Business Register. Instead of the minutes of the meeting, an excerpt from the minutes, which contains only the resolution providing the basis for the application, may be submitted.
  3. At the signing stage, the persons involved in the entry provide digital signatures to the application. If several persons wish to sign one entry, then each signatory must enter the portal with his or her ID card. On the home page, you can select "My ventures" and on the page that opens, select the appropriate legal entity, click on their name, and then select the "Applications" tab, which shows the applications related to that legal entity. Open the application and sign.
  4. Next, it is possible to transfer the state fee using a bank link. The application also states the amount of the state fee. If you make a payment at a bank branch or another bank, not through the bank links provided by the portal, you will find the necessary payment details at the bottom of the page under the corresponding link. In the latter case, a copy of the payment order must be submitted to the registry department. NB! The application will be processed faster if you pay the state fee on the portal via the bank link.
  5. Once the state fee has been paid, it is possible to submit an application to the register.


The time for processing the submitted application is 1-5 working days. The duration also depends on how you submitted the additional documents and paid the state fee. If there are deficiencies in the entry application or additional documents, the registry department shall send a notification to the e-mail address specified in the application. And the application can be supplemented on the portal.

If you want to continue creating the application later, save the changes made first, and by logging in to the portal again, you will find the pending entry applications next to your company's data on the "Applications" tab of the main page.

Once the application for amendment has been processed or a rectification order has been received, the application can be supplemented or corrected by opening the application already sent and by clicking on the "Complete application" button in the application correction form.
An application for rectification can be prepared and submitted as long as the previous application for amendment is pending or a ruling has been made to eliminate the deficiencies.