5.5 Notes

To fill in the notes, you have to select the ”Notes” item from the sub-menu when filling in reporting forms.

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In order to open the note and fill it in, please click on “Enter”.

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Unlike in main reports, you can add additional entries in many notes by clicking on the “Add new row” link. In order to delete the added row, click on the “Delete row” link. You can add as many rows as you wish. It is not possible to add a new row or column to the notes that include tables.

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In main reports the negative numeric values must be entered with minus sign. In notes where all numeric values are negative, the negative numeric values may be entered with or without minus sign. In notes with both negative and positive numeric values, the negative numeric values (cost records) must be entered with minus sign.

It is possible to add further information and explanations to almost every note..

Additional notes can be added in the notes view (except in the micro-enterprise category report). It is not obligatory to fill in additional notes. An additional note allows entering data which cannot be entered via the report forms. You can also upload a note prepared beforehand as a PDF file.