Suspension of FIE activity

FIE can inform the registrar about suspension, temporary or seasonal activities in e-Business Register.

It is in the interests of the FIE to inform the registrar of such a fact, because during the period of suspension of activities the FIE is not obliged to pay advance payments of income and social tax; in the case of seasonal and temporary activities, the tax consequences are limited to the period of the registered activity.
However, it is important to know that two months after the suspension, the self-employed person's health insurance will also be suspended (if the self-employed person cannot obtain health insurance on any other basis. More information on the Health Insurance Fund web.

To stop the activity, you must enter the portal of the e-business register with an Estonian ID card, Smart-ID or mobile ID.
After logging in, move to "My undertakings" on the portal's home page and then click on the name of the self-employed person. On the next page, click the "Edit Data" button

In the change entry application view that opens, fill in the "Action" menu item.

In the self-employed view, select "Suspend" to suspend the activity once and then enter the start and end dates of the suspension.

After the addition, the period is displayed on the graph.

Then proceed to the confirmation step, where the system first checks to see if the required data has been entered.

In the signing view, the entry application must be signed in the portal.

Next, a state fee of 10 euros must be paid (it is possible to use the system's bank links or take the payment details provided by the system in order to make payments outside the system).

After paying the state fee, submit the entry application to the procedure by clicking the "Submit to the register" button.

The application will be reviewed within 5 working days


If desired, instead of a one-time suspension of activities, it is possible to add a seasonal period of activity to the self-employed person in the same way as the change entry, or to make the activity of the self-employed person temporary (by specifying the date of permanent removal from the register).

Suspension - suspension for a certain period (one-off suspension)
Temporary activity - The self-employed person is temporarily active for a certain period, after the end of the period the self-employed person is permanently deleted from the register
Seasonal activity - self-employed (annually) for a certain period - eg active every year from June to August