Entering a credit invoice for a purchase

If a credit invoice was created for a purchase invoice, it can be conveniently entered into the system by creating a copy of the existing purchase invoice and changing values on the rows of the invoice to negative. Another possibility is adding a new purchase invoice in the ordinary way and entering purchase invoice rows with a negative sign.

The following options are available for marking a confirmed credit invoice as paid:

1.      If the sum of the credit invoice was transferred to a bank account (supplier paid back the sum of the credit invoice):

•         On credit purchase invoice – check the ‘Mark as paid’ box and select an account/cash account to which the money was paid. If the sum was paid to a bank account and an account statement is uploaded as a file, then the corresponding row should be deleted from the incoming payments.

•         With a bank statement – when a file is uploaded, a new incoming payment is created. This should be opened under incoming payments, the incoming payment should be changed to an outgoing payment, the amount should be changed to negative (add a negative mark) and then saved. After this, purchase invoices related to a supplier appear under a link for confirming outgoing transactions, where you need to select the suitable invoice and save and confirm with the respective button.


2.      If invoices of the same supplier are paid and the amount of a credit invoice is subtracted from the outgoing payment, then:


•         When creating a payment file in the Payment Orders module, you should select both the credit invoice as well as other invoices to be paid to the supplier and create a payment order file, import it into the bank and pay.

•      Open the payment that was created when importing an account statement from the Incoming/Outgoing Payment module or create a new payment manually, and select all paid invoices under the link for confirming outgoing payments, including the respective credit invoice.