Notification service

The e-Business Register has established a free-of-charge notification service providing the Board Members, Council Members and shareholders of Estonian legal persons with e-mail notice about actions in the Business Register which concern them. The notice is sent to the related persons at the moment of filing a record application. After entering the changes into the registry, the related persons can verify the entry into force of the record via the e-Business Register

Related persons to whom the notice is sent:

  • Shareholders registered in the e-Business Register;
  • Council Members registered in the e-Business Register;
  • Board Members registered in the e-Business Register.

Activating the notification service
In order to receive notices, you need to activate your official e-mail address After configuring the e-mail address, the notices about record amendments regarding the company will be sent to you automatically. A notice will not be sent if the amendment pertains to electronic stating of a field of activities or if a company is being entered into the Business Registry. In addition to sending notices to the personal e-mail address, the notices of record amendments are also sent to the e-mail address of the legal person as and to the e-mail address entered into the e-Business Register.

You can configure your official e-mail address here.