Viewing data of a legal person related to you

The data of a legal person related to you can be viewed by entering the e-business register as an natural person with your ID card / mobile ID or Smart-ID. After logging in, press the "My Undertakings " button on the home page.


The following screen opens, showing the names of all legal entities where you are a member of the Management Board or as another related party. (NB! The list also shows the legal persons with which you are related, for example, as a member of board of a shareholder or audit firm.)


By clicking on the name of the legal entity, the basic data is displayed, where it is possible to go to change or view the data.


Notifications sent to a legal person are also displayed in the master data view. Details of the actual beneficiaries and the data protection officer can be provided. In this view, it is also possible to grant access to the data of a legal entity to other persons if desired.

It is possible to go from the same view to applications, entries, rulings, letters and documents related to this legal person.



The data of a legal person related to it can be viewed on the e-business register portal free of charge. To do this, press the "View details" button in the Main information  view

The authorized person related to a legal person can also view the data by selecting "Home" from the menu and entering the name of the legal person related in the Quick Search field.