4) Questions related to signing and approving

Is it possible for some members of the management board to sign digitally and some on paper?
No, in order to sing the report, all necessary signatures must be


a) all signed digitally
b) all signed on paper and the scanned PDF file of paper-signed report or signature page must be uploaded to the Portal (At the stage of signing Choose "Approval of the report)

How do I amend a report that has already been approved or signed?

As long as the report has not been submitted to the register, you can cancel the signatures and go back to amend the data. There is an option to go back at the end of each page.

How do I cancel the digital signatures of members of the management board?

Each member of the management board has the right to cancel their own digital signature as well as those of other members of the management board.

(In order to enter amendments to the report, the signatures of all of the members of the management board must be cancelled.)