5.3 Selection of reporting forms

You will see the list of reporting forms that allows you to choose the reporting forms you wish to submit.

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Notes containing obligatory indicators and some main reports have been already selected for you. In addition you have to select the layout of the income statement and the form of the cash flow statement (in case of incorporated entities) from the list of main reports.

If a small business has selected a Detailed Balance Sheet for completion in the main reports and saved its selection, it will be shown the opportunity to complete the report form questionnaire. (The questionnaire is optional and is intended to facilitate the selection of annexes)

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When you fill in the questionnaire, you will be shown different options. Once you have completed the entire questionnaire, the system will choose which annexes to fill in based on the responses (you can change this option if you wish).

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When you have selected the reporting forms, click on “Save” at the bottom of the page and you will be directed to the list of main reports, where you can now start filling in the selected forms.

If you want to make further changes in your selection of reporting forms or add new forms, you can do it by selecting “Selecting reporting forms”.