5) Annual reports in .pdf format

Is it possible to submit a .pdf report by email?

Unfortunately it is not possible to submit annual reports by email. You can compile and submit the annual report electronically from the Company Registration Portal https://ettevotjaportaal.rik.ee. You will find the instructions for submitting the annual report from http://www.rik.ee/en/company-registration-portal/annual-report.

The system says that there is an error in the .pdf to be uploaded. Why?

Annual reports system checks restrictions on files (e.g. tamper protection or security printing). Due to the fact that we add a form of approval to the .pdf file you upload, we cannot do so if there are restrictions on the file. Thus, the format of the file is not compatible with the standard format and the system sends an error message.

How big can the file to be uploaded to the system be?

The file to be uploaded must be in .pdf format and cannot be bigger than 10MB.