General information about e-Residency is available at e-Residency Portal 


Association with an existing legal person

If your data on the registry card of the legal person into has foreign personal code or a birth date, but have entered into the portal with your e-Residency card, you will not see the company in “My dashboard” list.

In order to see related company in “My dashboard” page you should start an entry of the amendment to change your birth date/foreign personal code through e-Business Portal.


To that: After logging in with your e-Residency card (or Smart-ID), from the front page choose „My dashboard“. Next from the left-side menu click on link  „Search for a legal person“:



Find a legal person by registry code or name:



In the results found, press on the company's name and then "Change data". Confirm your choice.



The board member's personal code can be changed in the "Persons" section. Press the "Change" button behind the board member's name, select the country of personal identification number Estonia, then replace the date of birth/personal identification number of a foreign country with the personal identification number of Estonia. Then save and continue.

In the "Documents" section, add a document, for example a free-form letter with a desire to replace the date of birth of the board member and shareholder (in one person) with the Estonian personal identification number. The document should be digitally signed. Select "Resolution of the Body" as the document type and then proceed.

Once the changes have been added, you can sign the application at the confirmation stage by pressing the "Sign" button.

Changing the personal identification number is free of state fee. If you are still directed to pay, you can make a choice and confirm that there is no state fee to be paid for the operation.

The application must be submitted to the registrar by pressing the "Submit application" button.

According to the application and the type of legal entity, the registrar reviews the application and makes changes within 1-5 working days.