EMTA TSD declarations

Declaration is submitted by the 10th of the month following the taxable period.

A new income and social tax declaration (TSD) can be added from the ‘Add TSD’ button. A window opens where you must select a period for the declaration:

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Next, a prepared TSD declaration opens.


TSD declaration displays data according to the paid compensations; for example, the September TSD, which is added in October, displays information about actual compensations paid in September (payments from bank or cash must be added to the September compensations).


TSD declaration has two tabs in the unconfirmed view: TSD Declaration and Entries that TSD is based on.

TSD Declaration tab allows reviewing the data displayed on the declaration.

Entries that TSD is based on tab allows reviewing all entries, based on which a TSD is prepared.

If all data is correct, you must click on the ‘Confirm’ button on the declaration; after confirmation, you can send the TSD to the Tax and Customs Board environment by clicking on ‘Send to Tax and Customs Board’.

If a person has been hired with an employment contract, but was not paid a salary for the month of the declaration, it is possible to click on ‘Create an entry for social tax minimum obligation’ when preparing an entry. In this case, the person working based on an employment contract is also added to the declaration and the minimum amount of social tax is calculated for that person.


NB! Forwarding a declaration via e-Financials does not mean that the declaration has been submitted to the Tax and Customs Board! The declaration uploaded to the Tax and Customs Board must be confirmed separately in e-Tax Board/e-Customs environment!