Frequently asked questions

Question: Which classification should be used to determine the industry?

Answer: The current classification of activities EMTAK 2008 must be used to determine the activities


Question: What should I do if the prindipal activity is incorrectly submitted in the annual report?

Answer: The annual report must be resubmitted. By starting to submit the report for the same period again in the e-reporting environment, it is possible to submit a revised repeat report to the register. For the register, the report is valid and the activity is the one submitted last.


Question: How many activities can an entrepreneur designate when registering a company?

Answer: When registering a company, the company can only determine one activity from which the company plans to receive the most sales revenue.


Question: How is the company's main activity determined in the annual report?

Answer: Before 2020, the coefficients of sales revenue and value added coefficients were used to determine the main activity.

Value added is, in monetary terms, output less intermediate consumption.

From 2020, value added coefficients are not used in the Commercial Register to determine the main activity. The principal activity is determined only on the basis of the distribution of sales revenue.


Question: Where can I find information on activities and codes?

Answer: The user receives information about the activities from the EMTAK information system, where using the search system you can find information about EMTAK-based activities and special requirements related to them.


Question: Where can an entrepreneur turn if he or she cannot find an activity corresponding to the company's activities according to EMTAK?

Answer: An e-mail with the most accurate possible description of the field of activity can be sent by e-mail to


Question: What obliges companies to use the EMTAK classification of activities?

Answer: The obligation arises from the following legislation:


Procedure for submitting documents to the court

Commercial Code