6.3 Generating the final PDF

By clicking on “Generate the final PDF” in the report reviewing view, the final report in PDF format is generated, which is submitted to the Commercial Register. After generating the file you can open it by clicking on “The last PDF generated”. You can also save the generated report in your computer.


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In case you find that the final report needs changes or amendments, you can return to Stage 1 by clicking on “Back to correcting report data”.

When the report is compiled and you want to move to the next stage, click on “Send the report to digital signing”

To generate the final PDF in English, you must have previously selected in the general report data that you also want to create the report in English. Once this option is selected, an informative English PDF will be generated in addition to the final PDF file of the report.

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In order for the English PDF to be as correct as possible, all texts entered in Estonian must be filled in in advance (to fill in the English forms, the option "Compile annual report also in English" must be selected in the general view). The information in the boxes for entering numbers is automatically entered into the English forms. If some data is missing from the generated document, you can go back to the report generation stage to complete it.

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The report in English is only informative - it is not signed in the system and is not submitted to the register.