Incoming e-invoices or digital invoices

E-Financials is interfaced with Fitek (former Opus Capita) and Omniva operators; in addition, e-invoices can be sent and received within the e-Financials system.

Receiving digital invoices has been possible for all clients of the e-Financials since the beginning of 2015. On 18 March 2016, e-Financials was interfaced with Omniva. Starting from that date, major clients of Omniva (Elisa, etc.) have been able to send e-invoices directly to the e-Financials. In addition, all clients of e-Financials can send e-invoices to the clients of Omniva e-Invoicing Center.

Incoming– e-Financials, Fitek (former Opus Capita), major clients of Omniva

Outgoing– e-Financials, Fitek (former Opus Capita), major clients of Omniva, Omniva e-Invoicing Center.


Reception of e-invoices can be activated under the general settings of e-Financials (Settings > General settings > Program settings > Change). After confirming the reception of e-invoices, all fully represented e-invoices (in XML and PDF formats) are sent exclusively to the e-Financials in the future. E-invoices that have been sent to other environments until that time (e.g. a bank or e-mail via digital invoice operators) are no longer sent to the environments that the client subscribed to previously.

If a client has subscribed to a limited e-invoice in a bank (only XML), then after confirming the choice in e-Financials, the limited e-invoice subscription is may be continued (including automatic billing if such agreement has been concluded with the bank), but we advise users to verify it.

In the future, limited-e-invoices can still be subscribed to the bank for automatic billing.

E-financials allows state institutions to send e-invoices for free via Omniva and Fitek (former Opus Capita) in 2017 and 2018.


Incoming e-Invoice tab is divided into two sections: new e-invoices and accepted and rejected e-invoices.

•              Under New e-invoices, e-invoices sent to the company are displayed, indicating date of receipt, name and status of supplier. The invoice can be viewed in PDF or XML formats and there are options to accept or reject it. After accepting an invoice, click on the ‘Change’ button and change the account ‘9900 Interim account of e-invoice expense’, which is automatically added when accepting.

Under Accepted and rejected e-invoices, it is possible to view the time of receipt of an invoice, as well as the name and status of the supplier. An invoice can be viewed in PDF and XML formats. Under the status, it is possible to check whether the invoice was accepted or rejected, by whom, on which date and at what time. If an invoice is accepted, it is possible to open it immediately by clicking on ‘View’.