In the Ledger, it is possible to see all entries by accounts, starting balance of each account, change and end balance, as well as changes in the debit and credit of an account. Entries cannot be altered in the ledger; instead, this can be done in the Entries module. In the case of some entries, such as incoming and outgoing payments, it is possible to go straight to the document that forms the basis of an entry by clicking on ‘Transaction No....’ link in the open Ledger.

All entries in the Ledger can be filtered. It is possible to filter according to the start/end date, account and cost/profit center. For filtering, you can enter search dates on the start and end date fields. If you enter only the start date, the program will search for entries made on and after the respective date. If you enter the end date, the program will find all entries made until that date. If you enter both the start and the end date, the program will find all entries within that period.

If you have selected parameters for the filter, then you need to click the ‘Show on screen’ button to display the results.

The filter allows searching for entries according to accounts and sub-accounts by selecting one or several (all) specific accounts.

In order to clear a filter, click on the ‘Clear filter’ button.

Data can be saved in PDF and Excel formats.