XML service (API)

XML services (API) are intended for those users who need to make large numbers of queries to the Business Registry or to keep data in their own database. In order to use that service, the customer first needs to enter into an agreement with RIK.

fter entering into the agreement, the XML service has to be configured for the customer’s database.

Description of XML sercvices


Requisites XML services: 

From 1 November 2014, RIK will issue free invoice data which are needed to fill out the Annex to the VAT Return specified in Section 27 (1) of the Value Added Tax Act.
Autocomplete service outputs business name and registry code. Requisites XML services provides business name, registry code, address and VAT registration number.

Autocomplete service

Autocomplete service is open to the general public and does not require a username and password (it means that this service does not require the concluding of a contract). Autocomplete service (autocomplete of business names) returns the list of valid business names and registration numbers in response of characters entered.

Autocomplete service description


XML services for new user (without a valid contract)
If you are not contractual customer of RIK inquiry systems and want to use only free requisites xml services, you should fill in the Requisites contract application form at e-Business Register and forward it through on-line system. 

If you conclude contract for using only requisites xml services, there is no monthly subscription fee (only if the contract does not include the use of e-Land Register services)