Entry on a specific date

If desired, the legal entity can request to make a change entry on a specific date.

First, the person entitled to represent the legal entity must log in to the portal by ID card, Smart-ID or mobile ID. After successful authentication, press the "My dashboard" button on the home page



If the legal entity related to you appears in the list on the opened page, click on the name. Then you will see the page of the legal entity, and if you want to make an entry on a specific date, you must press the "Change data" button in the "Entry on a specific date" section of the page that opens with the corresponding application.


All the desired changes must be made in the opened application view, and then in the "Entry on a specific date" section of the application, the date on which you want the change to take effect must be selected. The date must be at least 5 working days later than when the application was submitted, so that the registrar has time to review the application.
You must also add a compelling reason why you want this change to take effect on a specific date.



Then the application must be signed, the state fee paid (which is double the amount of the usual application state fee) and the application submitted to the registrar.