Modification of the Data Protection Officer

By logging in to the e-Business Register portal, a person with the right to represent a legal person can submit the data of a designated data protection officer.

To do this, press the "My undertakings" button on the home page



Then click on the name of the legal entity for which you want to provide data protection officer data.

The page that opens has a Data Protection Officer section under which the submitted data is displayed. To add a new data protection officer, click on the "Add a data protection officer" button.

In the Add New Data Protection Officer view, select the type of Data Protection Officer from the drop-down menu. The data protection officer can be a legal or a natural person.

For a natural person, first name and surname, personal identification code and country of personal identification code or date of birth and citizenship of the foreign citizen must be provided.


The business name, registry code and country of the registry code must be provided for the legal person.


You can then specify the start and end dates for the authorization. Dates cannot be in the past. The term of the mandate is "indefinite" by default. This can be changed if desired using the calendar functionality.

As communication means it is mandatory to include an email address. There must be at least one, but not more than five, means of communication provided. By clicking on the "Add contact" button, you can choose between three types from the drop-down menu: e-mail address, Internet web address and telephone.

Finally, click the "Save" button.


The previously assigned Data Protection Officer line contains the option to change the data and remove the Data Protection Officer. The term of office of the Data Protection Officer can be terminated using the "End mandate" button. To make a change, select "Change" in the line for the data protection officer you want to edit.


In the edit view, you can make the desired changes to the data. Added dates cannot be in the past.

To add communication tools, press "Add contact" and choose from three types of drop-down menu: email address, Internet web address, and phone. Then enter your contact information. At least an email address is required. The contact details provided must be at least one but not more than five.


Finally, click the "Save" button.

If you have notified two designated DPOs, you must ensure that the dates of these mandates do not overlap.