New statistics view available in e-Business Register

The e-Business register portal has a new statistics view from this week summarizing information, which includes an overview of established companies, fields of activity, deletions from the register, and the submission of annual reports over the years.

The new statistics page reflects significantly more information compared to the previous one, contains filtering options, aggregate numbers are easier to follow, and the statistics are updated in the system at daily intervals.

In addition to an overview of annual reporting, which can be tracked both by month and year, the view also includes reinstatement statistics - how many companies have been re-registered after being deleted from the register due to non-reporting. There are also statistics on fines issued by the Registrar.

The entire business register in numbers can be tracked in both Estonian and English. At the same time, explanatory information and interesting facts have been added to the various data fields, so that, if necessary, students can also get interesting input for their school work.

Business register statistics can be followed at