General information about e-Residency is available at e-Residency Portal 


Adding Estonian personal code to e-Business Register Portal

In order to have access to your company using e-resident’s digital ID card, you should change your foreign personal identification code (or date of birth)  to Estonian identification code via submitting a relevant application through e-Business Register Portal.

You do not have to pay state fee for this change.

 Estonian personal identification code consists of 11 numbers. It starts with 3,4,5 or 6 following your year of birth, month of birth, date of birth and four additional numbers. 

To add the ID code, e-resident should log in to e-Business Register Portal with his/hers e-resident’s digital ID card.  After logging in, e-resident will find a special section "Associate with enterprise" after choosing "My undertakings" on the opening page of the Portal.

There may be a premade list of companies that might be connected to you under that section. If not, it is possible to use the Enterprise search function to find the company that is related to you.

If the portal displays enterprises that are not related to you in this list, it is possible to remove them by clicking on "Remove" at the end of the row.

In order to associate yourself, find the right company and click on "Associate" button in the end of the row.

Then you will be directed to the phase "Preparation of the petition" where you can prepare a petiotion for associating an enterprise with yourself and amending the registry data of the company with your ID code.

Next you have to select the person(s) that you wish to connect to the selected company.

If you have selected the person(s) and the automatically compiled petition, e-resident has to sign it digitally with e-resident’s digital ID card (confirming the signature with PIN2 code).
After submitting, the registrar will review the petition and amend the information in the registry if everything is correct. If there are any omissions, the registrar will issue an order to provide a term for elimination of omissions.



If all necessary associations have been made, e-resident can hide the "Associate with enterprise" section from the opening page of portal by clicking on "Hide functionality"